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Product DescriptionShenzhen Yizexin High quality Membrane SwitchMain Material and TechnicaName: Membrane switchColortrans:green/grey/blue/white/black or according to your preferenceFeature:enclosed and waterproof can used at any environmentCertificate:OHSAS18001:2007,ISO14001:2004,ISO/TS16949:2009,ISO13485:2003,TUV,UL,

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Product Description
Shenzhen Yizexin High quality Membrane SwitchMain Material and Technica

Name: Membrane switch

green/grey/blue/white/black or according to your preference

enclosed and waterproof can used at any environment


Custom Made:OEM/customize
Contact resistance:0.5-10Ω
operating voltage:≤50VDC
Rated current:25-100MA,0-30VDC
Work current:
Storage Temperature:-40ºC~+80ºC
reliability/service life:≥1million times
Operating humidity:40°C,<98%RH
Rebound time:≤ 6ms
Base Material Voltage Durable:
Tail flexiblility:any angle within 180 degree

insulation ink voltage:

Back Adhesive:3M9449 3M467 3M468 3M200
Conductive Ink:Screen printing silver ink,Carbon ink
Features & benefits of membrane switches include:
It is a sealed entirety made of three or more different materials membrane adhere.It has the advantages of small size,light,weight,good sealing,original good appearance.
It can applied to the instruments,numerical control machine,fridge,washing
machine,microwave ovens and other domestic appliances and industrical 
control areas.

What is a "Membrane Switch"?

A membrane switch is a printed electronic circuit that uses pressure to open and close a circuit. The membrane switch circuitry is most often screen printed using conductive inks, which are typically made of silver, carbon, and/or graphite.Membrane switches are part of a range of devices considered to be user interfaces (also called operator interfaces, or man-machine interfaces) along with display-based touch screens, and mechanical switches such as push-button, toggle, rocker, and slide switches. The ultimate purpose of a membrane switch is to serve as the interface between man and machine, enabling an operator to communicate with a piece of equipment, instrument, or machinery.

How are membrane switches constructed?
Membrane switches are essentially a sandwich of thin layers that are bonded together using pressure sensitive adhesives. Depending on the application requirements, a membrane switch will consist of as few as 4, and as many as 9 layers. In contrast to mechanical switches, membrane switches offer the advantage of lower cost, they consume less design space with their low profile, are easy to clean, and they offer a sleeker, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
The visible top layer of a membrane switch is the graphic overlay, with printed circuitry underneath the overlay. The circuitry can also incorporate different layers such as polyester (silver flex), polyimide (copper flex), and rigid PCB layers. Activation of a switch occurs when a printed shorting pad or metal dome makes contact with the bottom circuit layer thus, closing the circuit.

What industries use membrane switches?
Membrane switches can be found in a variety of different industries. Medical instrumentation and laboratory equipment are ideal markets for membrane switches. These switches can be designed to be sealed from moisture and contaminants and with anti-microbial coatings to resist bacterial growth andharshchemicals.Membraneswitchesarealsoutilizedinindustriessuchas electronictest and telecommunication networking equipment. Industrial controls and fitness equipment are also industries where membrane switches are the user interface of choice.

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Intelligent Touch Panel Switch Glass Panel Touch Switch Smart Home Switch
Intelligent Touch Panel Switch Glass Panel Touch Switch Smart Home Switch

Intelligent Touch Panel Switch Glass Panel Touch Switch Smart Home Switch

Intelligent Touch Panel Switch Glass Panel Touch Switch Smart Home Switch

Intelligent Touch Panel Switch Glass Panel Touch Switch Smart Home Switch


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